As Natural As It Gets

AndSkin. As Natural As It Gets.

ANDSKIN believes that the best products are made without harsh chemicals, harmful preservatives, perfume and colourants that can be of harm to ourselves and Mother Nature. 

In our products, we LEAVE OUT:

X Sulphates

Think bubbles.  They are cleansers leaving your skin feeling ‘squeaky’ clean but have shown to be irritating to the skin and eyes.  We use the gentlest naturally derived cleansers. 

X Parabens

Synthetic chemicals used as preservatives to extend shelf life of beauty products but are known to cause skin allergic reactions and rashes.


Synthetic petrochemicals used as thickeners, softeners and solvents. They help to enhance the absorption of ingredients into the skin, including the harmful ones. 

X Mineral Oil

Made from highly refined, purified and processed petroleum usually used in cosmetic and personal care products to reduce water loss from skin but can also clog pores.   

X Silicones

Used for conditioning purposes, are from non renewable sources and leaves a lasting impact on Mother Nature when rinsed down the drain. 

Silicone oils may make your skin look and feel nice for the moment but provide no long-term health or tangible benefits.  They are also known to block pores and may cause skin irritations.

X Propylene Glycol

A synthetic petroleum substance derived from non renewable sources often used as a humectant, a preservative, a solvent, or an emollient. 

Being a penetration enhancer, this means that it is a carrier for other chemicals, bringing them into your skin.

X Synthetic Fragrances

Often man made and include a ton of chemicals, fragrances and perfumes are known to cause the majority of allergic reactions and dermatitis.  All our products are fragrance free. 

X Artificial Colours

Many artificial colours are derived from petroleum chemicals or coal tar and the toxins they leave on your skin can increase sensitivity and irritation.  Coal tar can also contain traces of heavy metals that may block pores.  All our products are uncoloured. 

X Gluten

Is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and other grains often used for conditioning or hydration purposes however is potentially an allergenic to anyone who is gluten intolerant. 

X Phthalates

Commonly used as a solvent and fragrance carrier or to increase the flexibility and softness of plastics, which helps stick to the skin. Our products do not contain any phthalates. 


Chemicals used to improve the shelf life of products and are not easily biodegradable.  

X Animal Derivatives

We are free from animal derivatives such as collagen, lanolin and beeswax.  

X Harsh Detergents

We use the gentlest naturally derived cleansers.